If you see 0010110 in your social media feed on Saturday, here’s what it means!

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It is likely that you first heard about the 0010110 code on TikTok if you are looking for information about it. As if mushrooms grow after rain, TikTok videos on this topic are multiplying. What does the 0010110 code mean, and why is it so? Is the hype surrounding the code 0010110 worth it? Find out by reading on!

Blue pill or red pill? Social media feeds are showing the code 0010110 with this message. We believe this number is a sign that we’re ready to exit the Matrix. It is a simulation in which they have trapped us to generate energy for our alien overlords.

Okay, I understand. Let’s inspect this.

TikTokers report that approximately 7% of the population with the code 10110 will exit the Matrix this Saturday, August 27, 2022. It must be “evoked” somehow, but if you do it correctly, you will develop special telepathic abilities. Read this book to brush up on your knowledge.

According to legend, if you haven’t yet seen the code (in Morse code, it apparently means “Up in me it we u we”), it’s because you aren’t ready to be red-pilled. The message “The actual game has begun” will appear if you type 0010110 into a search engine.

What Does Code 0010110 Mean?

There is a crossroads in human history. We are facing challenges like never in our world. We will set the stage for the future of our species by how we tackle problems today as a global society. In today’s world, people are so obsessed with their digital lives that they have forgotten how to live meaningful lives. Most of us spend our waking hours either working to pay off debt or trying to earn enough money to keep up with an increasingly expensive lifestyle.

Sadly, this isn’t even the worst of it. Humans are so disconnected from their minds that they cannot even tell when something is wrong. In today’s information-driven world, everything is faster, more immediate, and more accessible. We must balance our lives in a way that allows for deeper thinking and living in light of this ease of access.

In today’s world, more and more people are looking for ways to connect with themselves and others. They want to be inspired and challenged to think about what matters most to them. It has created the perfect opportunity for people waiting for the right time to share their knowledge.

We believe that the code 0010110 helps people leave the matrix, reprogram their minds, and live more consciously on a deeper level. It is because these numbers, in this exact order, carry specific vibrations that can activate our ability to reprogram our minds in this digital and artificial age. This code is believed to activate our telepathic and healing abilities.

The 0010110 Code: How To Use It?

Positive affirmations are one of the most effective ways to use code 0010110. As an example,

  • I am a powerful creator with 10110
  • I give myself permission to heal with 10110
  • I free myself from limiting beliefs and thoughts

These affirmations are best used loudly or whispered in your native language. This code can also be utilized by writing your 0010110 affirmations on paper and reading them every day or placing them in the place where you spend the most time (fridge, desk, bedside table, etc.). It is crucial to visualize exactly what you are hoping to achieve in your mind and have an apparent intention.

Chant this code before sending your telepathic message or healing energy to someone or something to enhance your abilities.


It is possible that the 0010110 code is an activation key, similar to what we used to say as children when casting spells: “And so be it!” However, this is all speculation. And it is not supported by any scientific evidence.