Top Instagram Stories Apps for Creators in 2023

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Instagram is a social network that serves entertainment, promotion, monetization, and even educational purposes. Content has to be of high quality and interesting, so different programs have been developed to help you do this faster. It makes a difference for businesses and bloggers of all sizes. 

We suggest familiarizing yourself with Instagram story maker, which will do most of the work instead of you. Such time-saving tricks are used by a large number of people and notice the results, so we recommend trying such programs in practice.

What are some apps for Instagram stories?

You can’t do without services when creating content. The most popular Instagram story editing apps include: 

  • Canva;

Provides free and paid templates through which you can design photos and videos. You can choose the most suitable font, picture, font, etc. The functionality is clear, so everyone will be able to understand it.

  • StoryLuxe;

This is another Instagram story video maker that will allow you to make minimalistic stories. You can select multiple themes and browse through all kinds of templates. Different themes will allow you to diversify your social media content and engage users even more.

  • CutStory;

This app to make Instagram stories helps make good quality photos and videos. You can change the size of the picture, as well as use the paid features.

  • Mojo;

If you want to make animated content, use this instagram story video maker. By animation we mean certain movements, substituting objects that glow, and more. The functionality is quite extensive.

If you have chosen one of the above options, get to know it better before you use it. See what features are available in free and paid mode, compare the offerings to each other, and most importantly, don’t rush. Quality content should be done for fun, not in a hurry.


Choose the program that best suits your needs and desires, because they are offered to choose from. For photo editing enthusiasts, there are separate programs that focus more on different effects, tools to remove or change the background, etc. There is usually text and graphic navigation, so there is no problem with using the program’s chips.

Another factor that is important to consider is the operating system. Some programs can only be downloaded on the iPhone, while others can only be downloaded on Android. But still, many developers make sure that their programs can be used from different devices. Use all the features, learn the features and effects, gain knowledge and make the most creative stories on Instagram that will be different from the rest of the page. Over time, you can develop an individual style that will be remembered by potential customers or regular visitors to the page. Now a beautiful picture is another trend that will not be superfluous because it will bring aesthetic pleasure.