4 Tips For Buying Holden Car Parts


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Holden cars were officially known as the General Motors Holden. It was a well-recognised Australian vehicle brand and has been in business since 1856. The headquarters are located in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The brand was founded as a saddlery manufacturer in South Australia.

In 1908, the brand moved into the automotive industry and became a subsidiary of the United States-based General Motors (1931). As of now, the brand is retired; you can still service your Holden car and buy original Holden parts from dealers.

Whether you are looking to buy a condenser, air compressor, bonnet, bumpers, fuel flaps, or headlights for your Holden vehicle, you could find many online retailers who offer these parts at an affordable price.

Now, what are the things to look for while purchasing car parts online? 

Four tips for purchasing the Holden car parts are as follows:

1. Car model and related info

You must consider getting the correct information about the car parts you are planning to buy. One needs to know the specific model of the car you are driving and related information such as manufacturing year, model variant, etc. If you cannot retrieve this information, the purchase process could be a bit complicated for you. To make the process easy, you can get the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) or PR number of the car, and you should enter the numbers in the website from where you are purchasing to choose the suitable Holden car part.

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2. Part number

The second method is to ensure that you are buying the original car part. It is much easier when you know the number (code) of the part, as you don’t have to do much work as the mechanic will order or bring the part with the given number (code).

3. Charges

The expenses that come with buying these parts must be reasonable. Though the brand retired a few years ago, the parts are still being manufactured, and it will continue like this for some more years. No one should charge an amount more than reasonable (not more than other brands’ car parts).

4. Shipping speed

It is the last tip, but not the least essential factor while choosing the retailer selling Holden parts. If you are planning to change the old parts with new ones, you can choose a credible retailer for the parts. But, if you meet with an accident and need the parts as soon as possible, look for the retailers who ship the parts within a few days. 

Some manufacturers and retailers may provide quality service, but your urgency decides the selection of retailer/manufacturer.

Consider the total cost of the part (original price + shipping charges) while searching for the retailers. Always find out the model number, VIN, and item number before shopping for these parts because even a slight difference in numbers could deliver components from different models. 

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Also, research about the retailer/manufacturer before you place an order, as some of them may sell you duplicate parts instead of Original Equipment Parts (OEP). Manufacturers who sell the OEPs always advertise them on their websites or in physical stores. If you are getting the OEP, then there’s no need to worry about your car’s performance and the part’s durability.

So, keep these tips in mind when you are purchasing the Holden car parts.