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7 Exciting Zombie Games To Play Online


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Zombies are kind of life genre, not just in movies but also in games. There are various games designed over the zombie situation, most are shooting games. Zombie games have become one of the most popular game genres of all time. Here are 5 exciting zombie games which you can play online, like right now. But Beware! These are addictive.

1.Zombie Buster

Zombie Buster is quite a fun zombie game where you suppose to blow up the zombies with explosives. Passing boring time is tough these days, one such way is to play games in your free time when you are in the office or school college. In Zombie buster various weapons and explosives are thrown at zombies to kill them and earn new rewards and levels,. You have to point the grenade in the right direction to attack these zombies.  The graphics of the game are impressive.There are many levels ahead to play and have fun in this game its one of the finest game developed by our developers.  

Play ‘Zombie Buster’ Now >>>

2. Zombie Shooter

Zombie Shooter is similar to Zombie Buster but still the graphics, the set-up is quite different. Here you have to shoot the zombies instead of exploding them into pieces. You need to point your gun towards zombies in a way that it hits the zombie. You need to strategically shoot at something else so it can bounce back to zombies. It works on the law of physics which makes it a strategic game as well. There are certain things to shoot which can fall on them to kill. You need to figure out of these while playing the game.

Play ‘Zombie Shooter’ Now >>>

3. Zombie Apocalypse 2 

Zombie Apocalypse 2 is a fun and nerve-wracking game where you have to constantly shoot the immense number of zombies coming at you from both directions. At default, you will be having a knife to attack but for that zombies are supposed to come at some proximity level which is suicidal in game. So it is better you keep taking the boxes dropping out of the sky with new guns and ammunition. It is an engaging game which will keep you at your feet.

Play ‘ Zombie Apocalypse 2’ Now >>>

4. Dead City 

Dead City is a game in which you are in an alley and being attacked by dogs and zombies alike. You have a gun and have to shoot the zombies and dogs too, also you can reload the gun many times you want.

You are standing on one side of the alley. It is an old zombie fun game for children mostly. Zombies will kill you if you don’t shoot them or run away. You have a pistol gun and can reload as many times as you want until all of them are dead.

Play ‘Dead City’ Now >>>

4. Dead Land Adventure 

Dead Land Adventure is more like adventure mixed zombie game where you will see yourself a girl with a cowboy hat need to collect all gold coins, extra life and a key to open up the gate to next level. Wait? Does that sound like Mario? But here is the twist, you got a gun here and there zombies and monsters around here which you need to kill, otherwise you die in the game. Remember the girl zombies are easy to kill as they just take one bullet to be dead. Boy zombie need like 3-4, so make sure you started shooting from a distance before he came near you. There are multiple levels where a number of zombies and obstacle increases. It is quite fun and addictive zombie-adventurous game to play.

Play ‘Dead  Land Adventure’ Now >>>

6. Shoot angry zombies

It is an adventure game in which you kill zombies by shooting them before they can kill you and get to other levels by riding a horse etc .there are many levels to the game too.

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Kill as many ZOMBIES as possible!

7. Death Alley game

In this game zombies coming to kill you in a dark alley where you have to kill them to get to the next level, you have got a chance with which you can burn the zombies with a strike to there headPlay the game here https://www.goactiongames.com/?game=deathalley

Zombie games are liked by children and adults alike of all ages we have over 7 zombies games on our websites which are all new and being liked by people all over the world, check out our site more games https://www.goarcadegames.com/ .Play them and have a great time with your friends and family members

Author: I am zara fulton a writer and seo based in India.


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