How Did Julia Fox Meet Kanye West?


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The multihyphenate creative Julia Fox is a singer, actress, designer, and writer. She has been involved with rapper Kanye West for almost six weeks. The couple dated for 15 days before splitting up on Valentine’s Day. But, how did she meet the hip-hop star? Here’s the scoop. How did Julia Fox meet Kanye? and why did he fall for her?

Julia Fox is a multi-hyphenate creative

How did Julia Fox meet Kanye West, the rap mogul? Their connection is interesting, but we still don’t know if the couple is dating or not. Kanye West is a celebrity and Julia Fox is an actress, but their relationship was only a few months old. A rep for the two said that they are good friends and collaborators. It is still unknown when the couple’s wedding date will be, but we can assume it will happen soon.

The two met in New York City during a photo shoot in January. In February, the two celebrated Fox’s 32nd birthday with the rapper. She posted pictures of the evening on her Instagram, which featured several of her friends and high-profile guests. Her Hermes Birkin bags were evidently a part of the evening. The two also went to Paris Men’s Fashion Week together, where West directed a photo shoot for Fox.

According to sources, Fox and West met at a New Year’s Eve party in Miami. The couple then went on a date night to New York City, where they dined at Carbone. In early February, the couple traveled to Miami, Paris, and Los Angeles. They later arranged a trip to the Hamptons for Fox’s 32nd birthday. On Feb. 14, however, the two split. According to Fox, she was too busy to date.

She is an actor, artist, designer and writer

The internet is obsessed with Julia Fox, the actress and designer who recently went viral for her role in the 2019 thriller “The Big Sick.” Her portrayal of the character Julia De Fiore earned her a Breakthrough Actor nomination at the 2019 Gotham Awards. Julia Fox tits has also dabbled in directing short films, including Fantasy Girls, which tells the story of a teen who is sex-trafficked.

She is an accomplished artist who once exhibited paintings of her own blood on silk. Fox also worked as an artist and designed clothes. In 2017, she had a multimedia exhibition entitled “R.I.P. Julia Fox,” which was curated by Richie Shazam. She played the role of Howard’s mistress in the film “Uncut Gems.” In the same year, Fox became friends with her co-creator Josh Safdie and the two talked about her character in the movie.

While Kanye West and Fox are still in a relationship, Fox’s relationship with the rapper was quite interesting. While the two were “die-hard” fans of Kim Kardashian, West’s soon-to-be ex-wife is also an artist. Kim Kardashian founded a shapewear line, SKIMS, which Fox has modeled on Instagram. The two were also seen attending the 2019 Paris couture shows together.

She has been in “Eazy”

After Kanye West’s recent ban from Instagram, Julia Fox defended her ex-boyfriend. Kanye and Fox split up last month, but she has remained loyal to the rapper. In recent days, Kanye has continued to slam his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson. He has even gone so far as to bury Pete alive in one of his music videos.

Several fans of KANYE West are convinced that Julia is featured on his new song Eazy. One fan account shared a video with a snippet of background vocals, with Fox credited as a vocalist. Julia Fox has a long history with KANYE West, as she has performed on his songs since 2008. Her latest appearance with the rapper occurred during a dinner date at Carbone restaurant in Miami.

Kanye West and Fox are no strangers to controversy. The rapper’s “Eazy” track has dominated the headlines, but their relationship continues to be rocky. Kanye West publicly criticized Kim Kardashian, saying she barred him from his daughter’s birthday. This latest controversy is a perfect example of how the rapper makes his friends look like. She defended herself by saying that she would have been labeled as mad if she hadn’t answered the question.

Julia Fox has starred in several movies and television shows. In one of her earliest films, she played a deadly housewife. The film was made by Benicio Del Toro, Don Cheadle, Jon Hamm, and a cast of other stars. The film took place in 1950s Detroit and followed a group of criminals as they searched for their employer. She played the role of a shotgun bride who fought against her husband.

She has been dating rapper Kanye West

After a public split, actress Julia Fox has revealed that she has been dating rapper Kanye West. The pair are a couple in name, though they go by many names. Julia and Kanye were first linked in 2012 when they shared a picture of the two in Paris. Later, Kanye tweeted that he did Julia’s eyeliner. The pair are also perfect heights. The insider revealed that Kanye did the makeup for Julia’s eyeliner.

After meeting for the first time, Kanye West surprised Julia with a hotel suite full of clothes on their second date. The two had met in Miami on New Year’s Eve, but separated after the holiday. They later got back together and welcomed a son together, Valentino, in January 2021. But despite these new developments, the rapper’s love life was not without drama. In fact, the relationship has been a major source of speculation for some time now.

While Kanye is still going through the divorce from Kim Kardashian, the actress is beginning a new romance. The two reportedly went to the theater to see Slave Play and went to an Italian American restaurant together, among other places. Despite the public rumors, the couple remain good friends and collaborators, Fox told E! News. Besides the public breakup, West and Fox remain good friends.

They met at a party

Earlier this month, Juliye Fox and Kanye West were rumored to be dating, but the reality is far different. After meeting at a New Year’s Eve party, Fox flew back to New York City to catch up with West and promote her memoir. The pair reportedly hit it off right away and were soon sharing PDA-filled diary entries on Interview. They even appeared in matching outfits during Paris Fashion Week.

The couple first met at a New Year’s Eve party, where West performed a surprise performance. Later, TMZ published photos of the two having dinner at Carbone in Miami. Fox recently told TMZ that she does not know whether or not Ye will ever see her again. She also said she would like to keep in touch with the actress, but she can’t say for sure until it happens.

According to reports, the couple had a second date at the Makoto in Miami, where Kanye wore a hoodie and leather coat. The pair were photographed together at the party, and Kanye’s presence stunned the hostesses. The couple were also spotted enjoying a Broadway play together called Slave Play. They were also seen dining at Carbone in New York City, and their relationship has gained momentum.

They have a second date in New York

While Kanye West is still trying to navigate his divorce from Kim Kardashian, he’s starting a new relationship. The rapper has confirmed to Interview magazine that he is dating actress Julia Fox. They recently went to see the Broadway play “Slave Play,” and then had dinner at an Italian American restaurant called Carbone. The two are also reportedly getting close. A source close to Fox says she and Ye both got out of previous relationships, and the relationship is a positive thing for them both.

The couple recently had another date in New York, a date that was filmed. They reportedly went to a production of “Slave Play,” which was performed on Broadway, with rapper N.O.R.E. They also went to the popular restaurant Carbone, which they frequented in Miami as well. They were accompanied by two members of the West’s family.

While Fox has been separated from her Brooklyn-based pilot husband for a few months, she is still in good spirits. Her child’s father is a celebrity, and the two have been dating for a year. Last year, West filed for divorce from Kardashian, and the two have since been spending time together. In the meantime, the rapper is enjoying his new single life, and this is no doubt helping his career.