Garena free fire diamonds – How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire Game?


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As a gamer, we all know how important diamonds are in the Free Fire game. They can be used to purchase premium in-game items, skins, characters, and more. However, not all of us have the luxury of spending money to get those precious diamonds. That’s where the question arises: How to get free diamonds in Free Fire? Many players claim to have found ways to do so, while others dismiss it as a myth. In this article, we will explore the truth behind these claims and provide you with some tips and tricks to help you get those elusive free diamonds in Free Fire. So, read on to find out if it’s really possible to get free diamonds in Free Fire or if it’s just wishful thinking.

How to purchase free fire diamonds for free ?

When you search about how to get diamonds in free fire?, you’ll get to see a lot of results all over the internet. But, you won’t get a possible way of claiming diamonds. 

As the game is very popular & it is very secure you cannot Imply hacks in to claim anything in game. Even if you succeed at any point of time your account will get banned. Then you can’t revive your account at any cost & also there’s a way of downloading MOD apk versions of it which will provide you unlimited features, coins, diamonds. Etc, but they will harm your device for sure & your phone will face lag issues while normal usage. So, the apk mod is also not secure. 

The only way of claiming diamonds is to purchase in a legal & formal way. You might think then what’s the point of reading this article, we know that most game users are students & can’t afford or don’t want to let money on these kinds of things. 

Here, we’ll not provide you details of any kind of hacks. But, we’ll let you know how to get free diamonds in free fire?  In  a legal way. So, while purchasing diamonds free fire allows the users to make payments in the mode of debit card, credit card or Google play redeem code format. We can get Google play redeem code with some amount of purchasing limits which you can use at the time of payments for diamonds & an app in which by collecting coins you can purchase the diamonds in free fire directly. 

Gift center – unlock your free diamonds here !!

Here’s the app called gift center where you can follow the simple steps & Claim diamonds

Step 1 : go to play store & search for gift center or click on the link below to direct download & get more benefits.

Step 2 : Once you have opened the app you have to sign up using your Gmail account. 

Step 3 : After you have completed the sign up process successfully, go to profile settings & setup your profile. 

That’s it, you are done with the installation of the application now, let’s explore the app & know how to earn coins.

How to earn coins on Gift center app?

Here you can earn coins in many ways like :

Surveys : This application provides a way of earning coins through surveys. These surveys are very simple which you can complete in a few minutes, after completing every survey the reward coins will get credited into your account. 

Ads : In this application you can earn coins by watching ads. The reward for every ad will be credited into your account after viewing them. 

Tasks : This also consists of very easy tasks by which you can earn coins. The tasks are like installing an app & running it for a few minutes, sign up for any application etc.. Which are very simple & when compared to other ways of earning points this way offers some more coins. 

Features of the application 

Live chat : In this application there will be an option called live chat which you can use to interact & communicate with other users to clear your doubts. 

Gold pool : In gold pool you can review the history & total amount of gold you have claimed by completing tasks & surveys.

Special missions : This option will let you know about the missions you need to complete & notify you when the new surveys are available. 

How to buy free fire diamonds for free on Gift center ?

Now after installing & using the app features earn coins. After earning sufficient coins you need to go to the shop category in which you can see many popular applications & you can also see free fire games available there, select it. 

After selecting it you are able to purchase the diamonds using the coins you’ve earned by completing simple tasks & missions on the application. 

This is the way you can claim the free diamonds in free fire without using your money.  


In conclusion, Free fire is one of the high standard & most popular games among the youth right now. Free fire users consistently find a way to get diamonds for free ,by which they can purchase trending outfits skins..etc

There are many results over the internet for the question about How to get free diamonds in free fire ? ,But no one will explain the exact fact about it that you cannot get diamonds by using any hacks . You have to purchase it . Here we’ve provided you a simple way of purchasing the free diamonds using no money !! Try these tricks & explore them.