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How to Improve the B2B Sales Funnel with Email Marketing?

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Do you own a Business to Business (B2B)? In case the answer is in affirmative, you will familiar with the fact that your business model has a different sales cycle as compared to your Business to Consumer peers. It does not make any sense for your business model to show a Facebook advertisement to someone, ensure that they are retargeted for some days and then have a customer purchase a piece of equipment for 15,000 USD.

The big question here is how can a B2B manage the customer relationship for about six to twelve month of the sales funnel? Email marketing is the answer to this question. The fact is that even today, email marketing is regarded as the top strategy for Business to Business companies to develop credibility and rapport while not wasting hours of your marketing and sales employees. Check out ways of creating fantastic B2B marketing, which can not only boost sales figures without tiring your already overworked team members:

The need for understanding desires 

Prior to anything else, a business should have a proper clarity on who will be actually purchasing their products. It is not as simple as it sounds. At times the customers of a business may not be their target users and vice-versa. It is a peculiarity of B2B sales.  Based on your business uniqueness, you might have to engage different people. There could be even a requirement of targeting everybody who is related to your sales cycle apart from the purchasing manager or the CEO. It is also important to understand and realize that each business can have its unique sales process and sales strategy. Even the sale cycle may vary from business to business.

Ways to drive sales cycle forward using email marketing

After having a proper grasp on your customers and sales cycle, it is now time to deploy a proper email marketing program, which works effectively. The 3 key areas that could be benefited from email marketing are to bring new customers, develop and nurture those relationships, as well as, establish a proper credibility.  

1. Attract new customers

It has already been mentioned before that the sales cycle of every industry is distinct. What is even more relevant in this cycle is there could be a number of sales cycles within the same industry. Your business could be drawing many kinds of customers for a number of actions.  

According to statistics, a whopping 58 percent of the businesses do not utilize a standard approach pertaining to their sales cycle. As such, when a unique approach is created for each, your business will be distinct from a bevy of similar businesses.

In case you are operating a software business, you would be aware that conversion of the signup of a free trial is mostly based on the kind of value these people see you are offering. Of course, you cannot keep pitching a product at all times. Rather, it is more important to develop positive interactions and build rapport with your customers prior to them making their final purchase. Thus, instead of a soft or hard sell for any upgraded subscription, you should prioritize in retaining the user.

2. Develop relationships with your customers

It is not difficult to develop goodwill with your customers when you are aware of how to win their hearts. A crucial strategy is to ensure that your approach is personalized. Statistics claim that about 54 percent of the purchasers want the Business to Business sellers to incorporate personalization. However, very few Business to Business sellers is sure how to do it in an effective fashion. While you can send across emails by greeting your customers by using their first names, effective personalization has a wider scope. It is recommended to customize your content on the basis of its position in the journey of your customers.

3. Set up credibility

Email marketing can help you to build up credibility with your customers so that they can trust you. Firstly, you can declare the latest features. It goes on to demonstrate that you are focused on your product/service improvement and is keen on updating them from time to time. After all, there is hardly any Business to Business purchaser who would like to invest in an outdated and stale product/service. Although, the name of the model is B2B sales, there are transactions that keep happening between people. Thus, it proves that a human touch is needed for every sale needs.

Customer success – measure and improve

It is the final step to improve the B2B sales funnel, which deals with testing and improving their product/service. Determine the emails you are going to use and then arrange them into an automation sequence. You may wish to do this automatic sequence for various kinds of prospects in your marketing and sales funnel.

There are multiple benefits of deploying an automation sequence including which emails are more effective and tracking in which phase of a purchasing cycle a customer is at a certain point of time. Thereafter, you would slowly like to test, as well as, improve various kinds of emails to know the one that is performing better.




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