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Top Rated Hoverboards Of 2019

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No one knew the dream of human to glide in the air would ever come true. But the invention of hoverboards has made it possible.

Hoverboards are the self-balance scooters that are very popular among people. The increasing demand for hoverboards introduced several brands in the market. Different types of hoverboards are introduced with special features and abilities. With the advancement in technology, new features were introduced in these hoverboards.

The most important features that are considered to be most effective in hoverboards as follows:

  • Chargeable long lasting battery
  • Bluetooth connection
  • More mileage
  • Weight carrying availability
  • Built-in entertainment kike speakers for playing music
  • Availability to move on plains, uneven terrains, rocky areas,  and even on smooth surfaces
  • Feasible headlights and backlights

And several other features.

The users of hoverboards are in a large number and there are many issues that customers had to face. Most of the customers complained about the battery whilst others for the inability to carry more weight. A complaint about lesser mileage was also seen from various customers. Therefore, attempts were made to fix issues of the hoverboards.

The new hoverboards in the market claim more feasibility and features. They come with the message of safe usage and worry-free ride experience.

The best hoverboard in the market can be hardly built. But several companies have made attempts to introduce the most efficient hoverboards in the market. To figure out what an ideal customer friendly hoverboard should have, we must analyze the top rated and best hoverboard of 2019. Different companies have introduces these hoverboards with different models to satisfy customers.


  • Halo Rover X


After conducting extensive research and comparing the most efficient and high rated hoverboards in the market, Halo Rover X is undoubtedly the best hoverboard. With its advanced and user-friendly features, it is the highest rated hoverboard.

The beast of the hoverboards, Halo Rover X comes with all features you would wish to have in your ideal hoverboard. With its no fall technology in form, of ride assist, it helps to keep the user safe from falling by keeping the hoverboard up right.

It has large all-terrain wheels and highest weight carrying ability of 264 lbs., It has a 1-year warranty so you not only get the best hoverboard at a nice price but are also backed from a compatible company which is ready to help you anytime when you need.

These are equipped with Bluetooth, mobile App, carrying bag and safety certified long-lasting batteries. Therefore, Halo Rover X is the best and highest rated hoverboard.


  • SwagTron T1/T3


Rated amongst leading hoverboards in the market, SwagTron T1/T3 also comes with every feature of a customer friendly hoverboard. With its feasible design and lightweight SwagTron T1/T3 offer a smooth ride and amazing value of your money.

The question may arise about whether to choose SwagTron T1 or SwagTron T3. Well, there is no great difference between the two models. SwagTron T3 is an upgraded version of SwagTron T1. T3 doesn’t have anything better than T1 but is equipped with some more features like Bluetooth, visual effects, LED lights and different riding modes.

Its previous models had a complaint of fire controversies due to batteries. After getting the UL2272 certificate ( a certificate which verifies the abilities of hoverboards and marks it safe), the SwagTron T1/T3 has no issues of batteries or any other features.

Buying a SwagTron T1/T3 is worth paying. It may not be the best hoverboard in the market, but it is compatible with the leading ones. The decision of buying T1 or T3 is all up to you, Whether you want these extra features after a little more investment or not.


  • GoTrax Hoverfly ECO


This hoverboard is regarded as the best hoverboard for beginners. With a non-slip footpad, super attractive design and a training mode, it is the best hoverboard for beginners and kids.

It has a maximum carrying ability of 220 lbs. Which is quite low? But it has a very high speed of about 7.4 mph and can cover 13 miles in a single charge.

It charges at a much higher rate of about 1.5 hours. This can be said that SwagTron T1 charges in 1 hour, but the claim is useless when we look at the prices of the tow. GoTrax ECO is much cheaper than SwagTron T1.

Keeping into consideration, GoTrax ECO has a lower weight carrying ability. It also does not features Bluetooth for better control over the device. These two factors are the only drawbacks of GoTrax ECO.

It also features a learning mode which makes riding much easier for beginners. Enabling the learning node limits the pad flexibility and the speed as well. Switching between the two modes is very easy.

Compared to the abilities and features of other hoverboards, the GoTrax ECO provides all features at a much lesser price, which makes it worth purchase.


  • SwagTron T580


Hosting several features, SwagTron T580 is one of the strongest and break resistant hoverboard in the market. It is made with great care and ability to ensure that the customers have a great experience with the hoverboard.

It has a great Eco-friendly mechanism with advanced technology which ensures that there is no carbon emission at any time of its usage. It also ensures the better performance of the batteries through mobile App monitoring.

It also has Bluetooth speakers. You can connect your mobile to it and enjoy music. This connectivity also enables to monitor device performance through mobile.

It had a total mileage of 8 miles which is good. Furthermore, it takes two hours for a total charge. It also provides water protection so you won’t have to worry about moving in water.

SwagTron T580 has a solid build design which resists break. It is available in different colors so you can choose your favorite. All of these features are provided in very less price which rates it 3rd in the top 5 rated hoverboards of 2019.


  • SwagTron T6


SwagTron T6 is one of the most efficient hoverboards made for multi-terrain rides. It is heavier than other hoverboards the company has paid extra attention to building SwagTron T6.

This great hoverboard can support up to 420 lbs. of weight which is double of what other hoverboards can bear. It has a built-in carrying handle for easy carrying. It is made up of high-quality material to resist wear and tear and break.

It can attain up to 12mph of speed which is very high. It has a non-slipping pad to prevent falling while riding down a grassy or rocky hill. It also has a UL 2272 certificate which ensures its safety and feasibility.

The only drawback of the hoverboard is the high price tag which might discomfort some users.

To sum up, this is a general comparison of the top 5 rated hoverboards of 2019. The purpose of this comparison is to aware the users about the top-rated hoverboards and the features they provide. This can help customers to make a better choice for buying the best hoverboard.


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