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Writing on friends’ walls and tagging them on an unlimited amount of posts wasn’t entertainment enough, according to Facebook. No, the company did not explicitly share any such statement but its introduction of various games certainly imply the same. You can now play numerous amount of games with your friends via Facebook Messenger. So if you are commuting to a place or are sitting idle in your office, you can use this tool as a possible form of entertainment. Provided that you have access to the Internet. If not, you can subscribe to any of the top services. Spectrum Internet’s cost is reasonable and is readily available across many states as well. Or you can choose your favorite.

Anyhow, considering that you have access to the Internet and you are bored, here’s how you can play games with your friends on Messenger.

Accessing Facebook Instant Games

Here’s a comprehensive guide for you on how to access Facebook instant games. You have to head to the games section (in Messenger), to begin with. You will be able to locate it on the left-hand menu. Select the ‘Explore’ option from this menu. Make sure that you are looking for this option while you are on your ‘Home’ page and not your profile. Once you have located the ‘Explore’ option, select ‘Instant Games’ once you are on the gaming page. A list of all the cool instant games will be displayed before you once you click on the instant games. These games are from various genres including puzzles to sports challenges to word games. The options are unlimited. Apart from this, another cool feature regarding these instant games is that Facebook does not redirect you to a separate page. Neither do you need to install a separate app. And they are as easy to play on your mobile devices as they are on desktops. All you have to do is click the ‘Play Now’ tab and a pop-up screen will appear before you. Play the game and once done, click the ‘x’ on top-right of your screen. And continue doing whatever you were before.

Countries Instant Games is Available in

Some of the many countries that Instant Games is available in include:

  1. Estonia
  2. Taiwan
  3. United States
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Netherlands
  6. Germany

Apart from these, the games are accessible to people from many other countries.

Here is a list of some of the most popular Instant Games that you too can enjoy playing with your friends.

The Best Instant Games on Facebook

Jewel Academy

If you are up for a puzzle challenge, this is the perfect game for you. You have to match three or more gems in a limited amount of moves to reach a target score. This may seem easy at first and it is like a piece of cake in the first couple of levels. But as you proceed, the levels become hard. You will have a limited amount of time to reach the target score. If you continue playing this game for a long period of time, you will learn the tricks to earn more points with less amount of moves. As they say, practice makes you perfect.

Super Dash

This game asks of you to score the highest by collecting the most amount of coins. But it is not easy to collect those coins. You add coins to your bag by jumping over various neighborhoods. This includes hills and springs. While you are at it, you will also have to look out for any potential danger. And protect yourself from it.

Zoozle Blitz

This game imitates Sudoku and is a rather unique game. However, it is much more colorful than Sudoku. Your goal in the game is to complete the grid before you with the correct number of colors. Making it all the more fun. To make the game even more interesting, the developers took the help of bombs. Yeah, these mini bombs may explode if you take too long (make a lot of moves) to place your colors.

Apart from this, you can also enjoy playing the following games with your friends:

  1. Bat Climb
  2. Word a lot Express
  3. Master Archer
  4. Daily Sudoku

But be careful while you hop on the bandwagon. Let me warn you that these games are HIGHLY addictive. A friend of mine, working for Charter Spectrum customer service, was caught playing these games. Because let’s face it playing games and beating your friends at them is more important than attending to the clients. The queries can wait, of course.