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How to Recover Deleted Photos From Formatted Pen Drive: Get A Complete Solution

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Photos play a crucial role in everyone’s life. Photos connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. So, it becomes important for us to store our photos at a most secured place. Here, a pen drive would serve the same purpose. Pen drive is preferably utilized portable storage device due to its versatility, portability, and capacity is best in comparison of other storage devices. A user can readily stores more than thousand of photos in it, without any hindrance.

Besides that, it also consists of some negative aspects. However, all the photos are stored in it, prone to get deleted accidentally or lost under various circumstances like unintentionally deletion or formatting, system failure, corruptions, virus attack and much more. In case, of data deletion with any reason generates a tiresome situation for a user. But, do not take tension! Because all the permanently deleted photos will be recoverable from a pen drive. Hence, in this write-up, we are going to explain the reliable solution to recover deleted photos from formatted pen drive. Although, before proceeding further for the solution, let’s take a rapid glance at a user query to understand the scenario more accurately.

Reader’s Query

“I mistakenly formatted the wrong pen drive, when there are two pen drive connected to my system. It is a Toshiba pen drive. I heard that there is no manual solution available to recover deleted files from formatted pen drive. Now, I am afraid that how can I restore my deleted photos. So, please suggest me an alternative solution to recover deleted photos from formatted pen drive. Any helpful assistance would be appreciated. Thank a bunch.”

Flawless Way to Recover Deleted Photos From Formatted Pen Drive

Here, we took the above-stated query into consideration and come up with an effective method. This is a third-party application named as Pen Drive recovery software. With the help of this tool, you can instantly recover deleted photos from a formatted flash drive. This software comes under the world’s top 5 best recovery applications. Mainly, it facilitates an understandable user interface, which is a true example of user-friendliness. It is programmed with enhanced algorithms that provide the surety to recover deleted photos from formatted pen drive. Moreover, it just takes a few minutes to restores and saves shift deleted files and folders from a USB drive.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files From Formatted Pen Drive

To successfully regain formatted data is not a myth anymore. Here, in this section, we are going to explain some steps to recover deleted photos from formatted pen drive. Let’s have a look:

  1. Firstly, download and launch the Pen Drive recovery application to your computer

2. Then, you can view a screen that appears the list of all connected pen drive with your with your system.


3. Now, the software involves a Refresh View option. With the help of this option, you become unable to see newly connected USB flash drive without closing the utility. So, you have to select the device from the list and see the basic information into the right panel of the application.


4. Here, the recovery tool will give you two options to scan your pen drive such as Scan and Formatted Scan

  • Scan: Opt this Scan option for deleted and corrupted data recovery.
  • Formatted Scan: Choose formatted scan for recovery of data after formattin


  1. Afterward, the software will start the scanning process and display you the reading percentage. So, you have to wait till it turns to 100%


6. Additionally, it will list all recovered folder into the left panel. Here, it automatically highlights the folders which contain the data inside. To explore the folder and view the complete data into the right pane of software. Mainly, this tool facilitates amazing features i.e., it highlights the permanently deleted files by red color.


7. Subsequently, you have to facilitate the location where you require to save your resultant file. Here, you can also create a new folder by the hit on the Create New Folder button and click on OK to proceed further.

8. Now, the recovery process begins, you can view the progress report and wait until it completes 100%. If you need to stop the recovery procedure in between so, you can hit on Stop button.

9. After completion of the recovery process, a pop-up message appears to your screen that says Export Completed Successfully. Simply, click on OK and proceed ahead to preview recovered data.


10. Lastly, navigate to the location which you provided precisely and you can view the entire recovered photos from formatted pen drive.

Points to Remember

  1. After formatting the USB drive. Immediately, you should quit adding any new data to the formatted drive. Because this will create a new issue such as overwritten. And once the data is overwritten that will be irretrievable.
  2. When you choose all the vital files to recover. After that, you should not store them again in the formatted USB flash drive. Instead, you have to store the recovered files/folder to another media storage device.

Final Words

Often times, users may find a solution to recover deleted photos from formatted pen drive. Mainly, there is no manual solution has the power to resolve this issue. There is only one way i.e., pen drive recovery software to recover corrupted, deleted, and formatted data. This tool facilitates comprehensive functionalities that we already discussed in the above section. You can utilize this tool to recover shift deleted data from pen drive by visiting our authoritative web page.

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