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Top Home Electronic Appliances Which Have Become Smart

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If asked to mention some best electronic appliances in your home, what will be the names you will tell? It is a fridge, washing machine, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner and more. But two decades ago, all these appliances, even though part of a normal Indian home, were considered mere tools to complete the manual tasks such as washing the clothes and cleaning the floor. In recent times, with the advance of technology, the appliances have shifted from just a mere device to a tool which you can command and make them do tasks with your voice. Okay, we think that you have understood. In this article, let us focus on the top home electronic appliances which have become smart.

Smart Virtual Assistants

Yes, we are talking about home automation, but remember, we are not talking only about Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo. We are talking about simple home electronic appliances you can control with your smartphone. But yes, even the smart virtual assistants can also make these devices act to the commands.

So for example, you have the smart devices to turn the lights off and on, switch on the fan, and to vacuum the floors. With the new technology, the appliances have been designed to be more safe, efficient and convenient.

1.LG Smart ThinQ Electric Single Oven

In the olden days, you have to be physically present to put the food inside the oven and then turn on the switch for heating. So, for working professionals, after work, if they need to heat the food, it is a cumbersome task for them. Now, you can preheat the food.

You can control this app from any part of the world. If you are at work and want to preheat the food kept inside the oven, you can do so. Yes, there are other features such as change of temperature, and all, but they can be done easily with your smartphone or the extensive control panel.

2. Smart ThinQ Smart Washer

Yes, the washing machine came as a boon to the housewives who spent more than half a day to wash the clothes. But, in the old models, they have to keep watching if the activity has got over. Then, sometimes, they may have to adjust the temperature and amount of detergent. Now, the new smart washing machine has come over.

You are right. This appliance is also similar to the above oven. You have the mobile app for the washer. Now, you can monitor and control the wash cycle from even your office. Did you understand another main advantage of using the smart appliance? It is saving energy. You can just activate the washing process and can get an alert to your mobile on completion.

3. GE – Wifi-Enabled Refrigerator

Fridges are household appliances often frequented by the children. The reason, cakes, and other sweet items. So, if a kid has kept the door open, then the rise will be on the electric bills. So, is there a way you can receive notification in case of an emergency in the fridge? Yes, there comes the smart refrigerator.

If you are a fan of GE home appliances, then you would have heard about the GE Kitchen app. Now, the smart home appliances in your home (GE model), you can control the app. So, please find the examples of alerts that you can receive in the mobile. Has your fridge been left open? Do you need to adjust the temperature on the fridge? With the app, you can exercise more control than before.

4. Samsung VR9000 Powerbot

Well, you have swept the home with a vacuum cleaner. You need to take time off at the weekend and then move around the house. It is, no doubt, a grueling task. But this appliance has a new feature. It can sweep on its own. It has got ten smart sensors to locate the cleaning path and also has a digital camera. With a remote, you can ask the cleaner to go to a specific path and then clean the entire mess.

5. Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher

There was a time when after the meals, every housewife had to spend at least an hour to clean the utensils. Then comes the dishwasher, which cleans the dishes. Yeah, you have to follow the conditions such as wiping the food off the plates and putting the right powder or lotion.

Now, there comes the Smart dishwasher. You have the Control Lock Assistant to activate the special options when not at home. You can also get information on the energy used by the appliance. There are other features such as getting updates when you are not at home. Yes, you also get updates on the number of soaps in the shelf. The Smart Dishwasher is one of the top home electronic appliances which have become smart.

6. Nest Learning Thermostat

Did the word ‘learning’ remind you of machine learning artificial neural networks? Yes? When the Nest Thermostat came in the market, it achieved wide popularity. Now the smart thermostats are in every brand, but it is the Nest brand which is the best.

This appliance has a WiFi and can optimize the heating as well as cooling of your home. But it will simply not follow your instructions. It will read your preferences and adapt itself. For example, if you turn the cold air in the night, it will make a note. Then at the same time the next day, it will change the temperature level to your required level. The thermostat is one of the top home electronic appliances which have become smart gadgets, thanks to Nest and other brands.


The above mentioned are some of the top home electronic appliances which have become smart. Yes, you also have the Philips Hue light system and Amazon smart plug that is considered the topmost smart appliances in recent times.

So, have you read about the simple appliances which have gone to become smart? Now let us discuss from another alternative. In recent times, you give the maintenance service for any home electronic appliance as per the instructions of the manufacturer. So, if you are in Bangalore, and want to service the washing machine after the warranty has expired, what is the next step? You download the app of the best doorstep repair service company and book the technician skilled in washing machine service in Bangalore. Well, this situation is present. But a few years down the line, the smart washing machine can send an alert to your mobile when it needs maintenance. And if service is not provided at the right time, you may get reminders in your mobile.

We now wrap up the article on top home electronic appliances which have become smart. Do you feel we need to add more information? If so, you can put a note in the comment section.

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