How to Use Vaping Devices?

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One of the most popular ways of inhaling cannabis after smoking is vaping cannabis concentrate & oil. Inhalation is done to get high and for other medicinal & therapeutic benefits of weeds or cannabis. Unlike smoking, cannabis vaping heats the cannabis flower at a lower temperature rather than combusting it.

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Using the Cannabis Vaping process, dry flowers and concentrates can be heated up using two different methods of heating, they are:-


This method of vaporizing follows an indirect way as the heating elements do not make any contact with concentrates & herbs. The device uses a chamber to heat the air and converts them into vapors, and this hot vapor circulates throughout the devices. It may take more time for heat, but weed is less likely to get burned.


It is a process that follows direct contact with heat sources. More like a frying pan; we heat the pan and cook the food. In conduction, with the help of metal elements, heating is done through electric power. Within a chamber, dried flowers are packed and heated up at a low temperature directly in contact with weeds products, and the user can inhale the resultant vapors.

Process of Using Different Devices

Consumers use different types of vaping devices to get a desirable amount of THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol, such as vape pens & filled cartridges, portable vapes, and tabletops.

Steps For Portable Vapes

Step 1: Read the manual provided in the package as they specify the product usage and provide the correct guidance.

Step 2: Fully charge these portable vapes before switching them on, as it helps to allow the device to heat up and to make it ready for use properly.

Step 3: Next following step is to grind the dried weed flowers and pack them into the chamber. Refrain from overstuffing them and make room for passing air. Now, close the chamber tightly to avoid any leakages.

Step 4: Set a desirable temperature for maximum heating, and check if you are getting a proper taste and if vapors are visible while exhaling. It is advisable to take long and slow inhales to absorb maximum cannabinoids for better experiences. During the vaping process, flowers will start changing color from green to brown, and the cannabinoids of cannabis will gradually decrease. It is a sign to refill the chamber to continue vaping.

Step 5: Cleaning up residual burned leaves from the chamber is essential to ensure the devices’ smooth working. One may refer to the manual provided with the package for the proper cleaning process.

Steps For Tabletop Vapes

Step 1: Reading the manual will help you understand the process and specific steps to use the tabletop vapes.

Step 2: The tabletop vapes require electrical power to switch on the device and allow the heating in order to get ready for use.

Step 3: The stuffing process comes, so start filling the heating chamber. After grinding the dried weed flowers, they will produce maximum vapors for inhalation. Different devices have distinct sizes, shapes, and locations of the heating chambers. Remember to free some space and avoid overpacking the flowers as the air needs to flow within them and tighten the seal. 

Step 4: These devices permit to set preferable temperatures; a user may adjust them to heat the grind dried weed flowers. However, the ideal timing is between 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which varies with personal preference.

Step 5: Take a puff of vapors from the mouthpiece provided for inhaling; long & slower intakes may result in better flavors and thick vapors. Like other devices, flowers will change color and become brown, signaling the users to discharge the waste and reload the heating chamber with fresh flowers to enjoy the vaping.

Step 6: Following the steps mentioned in the package about cleaning up the tabletop vapes helps reduce the accumulation of dirt and extra discharges. Generally, it is recommended to follow the cleaning process every 10 to 20 session intervals. Some users may use a burnoff session where they set high temperatures to burn any residual plant completely. 

Vaping Cannabis Flower vs. Concentrates

Vaping the flowers is mainly for consumers who want effects, like smoking a roll of joint or through a pipe without the effort to ignite weed flowers. The effects provide immediate onset within a few minutes, and the relaxation lasts longer than other vaping concentrates.

Concentrate vaporizers are designed in a way that extracts cannabinoids from distillates, and they provide more high effects than flower vapes. The users may try dab pens as this releases a highly concentrated form of active ingredient found in cannabis and allows them to get maximum effects that stay longer.

Bottom Line!

Explore these vaping devices by following all measures and procedures to use them. It is advisable to get an understanding beforehand to avoid difficulties during the vaping sessions. Also, check out the fantastic online cannabis delivery website Bento Delivery. It offers a wide range of weed accessories and cannabis products with special bento deals and is a good choice for cannabis delivery in San Francisco.

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