Online Sexperiences Can Be the Same as In-Person through LiveOnCam

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The unprecedented limitations that COVID-19 has brought on everyone’s life affect every aspect of their lives. This goes all the way from school, to their profession, their relationship and Sexperiences. 

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It is threaded on a person’s humanity to be touched. It is a vital part of their development and well-being. The same reason applies to those in long-distance relationships (LDRs) and those who are isolated due to the pandemic. 

The Solution

Technology has become innovative during this crisis. A lot of websites offering virtual sex have popped out. One of these fun websites is LiveOnCam which offers different flavors of virtual sex. This is ideal for those singles who want to get feel the same experience without having to risk going out. 

Most companies have now released to the market sex toys that can be controlled through mobile applications. Having this at hand is a great tool for lovers on distance as well as sites that allow the use of interactive sex toys like LiveOnCam.

  • For Solo Plays: 

This is the most basic solution. During COVID-19, traffic to porn sites has spiked up exponentially. Erotic fiction has also found its popularity. Masturbating alone is easy and offers no risk. It could get a person through the day, but it can be boring at times.

  • With others:

Hook-ups are a no-go for most people. This is why a lot of individuals seek alternatives online. From sexting to face-to-face sexual cam activities, people are now more relaxed with the idea of online virtual sex. Engaging in this kind of activity doesn’t only end after orgasm. It enhances their real-life sexual relationships as well as their confidence and sense of sexiness and desirability.

Virtual sex allows the space to explore unaccepted real-life fantasies. Individuals learn more and feel accepted for their hidden kinks. This is a contributing factor to feeling connected and gratified. People can have better sexperiences on website like Liveoncam. 

Human Touch?

Once humanity has advanced its technologies more than it is at the current moment, then maybe by then, simulating actual human touch might be possible. But at the current moment, it can be seen on the horizon. 

But, there’s a wide variety of sex toys that are available in the market. These sex toys come with remote controls or could be connected to apps to simulate real penetration. Companies are now working towards more immersive virtual sexperiences like programming devices to virtual reality porn. The arousal and presence felt in these activities are almost the same as in person. 

Things are always two-faced. Having to feel actual human touch is part of intimacy, along with showing care regularly. Engaging in sexual activities online might propose trouble when it comes to trust.

But, on the other side, some people are more comfortable showing their authentic selves online and share sensitive information than in person. Everyone has to learn to adapt and humanity is lucky for its technologies.