Solutions to Resolve QBDBMgrn Not Running on This Computer Issue


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QuickBooks Database Server Manager’s multi-client mode enables clients to share the company file with multiple clients. When clients enable multi-client mode, they receive the error QBDBMgrn not running on this computer.” When the QuickBooks administrators are not running on the server PC or the QuickBooks workspace cannot connect to the server, the ‘QuickBooks server is not running error occurs. 

His issue can also occur when accessing the company file in multi-client mode. This blog will go over strategies for quickly resolving the situation. Above all, begin with the underlying causes.

Why is QBDBMgrn not Running on This Computer?

The possible causes of the QBDBMgrn not running on server are the following:

  • The firewall is improperly configured.
  • QBDBSM still needs to update to the most recent release.
  • An issue with QuickBooks Network.
  • The QB Server Manager was not displayed.
  • QuickBooks is not working because you write computer programs behind a pariah firewall.
  • The QB can’t connect to the network.
  • Need to use the QBW organizational details.
  • Working with multiple clients fails.
  • QBDBSM needs to be properly refreshed.

After learning about the underlying causes of the problem, we can move on to solutions.

Methods for Solving the QBDBMgrn Not Running on This Computer Problem

The following methods use to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop Database Server Manager not working on this computer:

Method 1: Improve Your System Firewall

  1. To begin, press the Windows+R keys to open the Run command window.
  2. Second, type Control Panel into the Run command and press Enter.
  3. Select the System and Security tab from the control panel.
  4. After that, select Windows Firewall and then the Check for Updates option.
  5. Then, you must click the Update Now button. Wait until the installation is finished.
  6. After the update, restart your computer.
  7. You can manually update the firewall if there are any problems while updating.
  8. Firewall updates are available for both 64-bit and 32-bit operating systems.
  9. Now, choose a medium and finish installing the update by following the on-screen update prompts.

Method 2: Repair the QuickBooks Software

A corrupted QuickBooks application can cause QBDBMgrn Not Running on This Computer. To resolve the problem, you must repair QuickBooks as follows:

  1. The first step is to open Run.
  2. Then, in the Run box, type appwiz.cpl and press the OK button.
  3. Now, from the list of available files, choose QuickBooks.
  4. Then, in the next step, choose Uninstall/Change.
  5. After that, click the Continue button, then the Next button.
  6. You should now see a Repair option; select it.
  7. To repair, follow the steps below.
  8. When the Repairing procedure is finished, restart your system.

Method 3: Restart QBDBMgrn.

To resolve the QBDBMgrn Not Running on This Computer server problem, follow these steps:

  1. To begin, launch the system’s Run command window.
  2. Then, in the Run field, type Services.msc and press the OK button.
  3. To browse the QBDBMgrn service, which appears based on the version, you must look down.
  4. Now, choose the file.
  5. Then locate the drop-down menu.
  6. Later, right-click on the recorded file in the file.
  7. Finally, press the Restart button.

Method 4: Perform a Clean Installation

In a clean installation, we will first uninstall QuickBooks and then reinstalls it to resolve the issue. The following are the steps:

Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Firstly, press the Windows+R key to access the Run order.
  2. Then, in the Run box, type Control Panel and press OK or enter.
  3. Choose to Uninstall a Program now.
  4. Choose QuickBooks Desktop from the projects list and right-click on it.
  5. From then on, select Uninstall to begin the removal procedure.
  6. Now, click Uninstall once more to confirm.
  7. QuickBooks will eventually uninstall itself.

After successfully uninstalling the program, you can reinstall it to resolve the QBDBMgrn not running on this computer issue.

Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Download the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop from the Intuit website.
  2. Now, open and run the QuickBooks.exe file that you downloaded.
  3. Then, press the Run button to begin the establishment strategy.
  4. Following that, complete the on-screen setup steps and agree to the License Agreement.
  5. After the installation, you have to open QuickBooks and look for the problem.


Now, you know exactly why is your qbdbmgrn not running. With this blog, we resolve your issue and get your QBDBMgrn back to work. However, if you still run into the same issue, then contacting our ProAdvisors will be a great approach. Thank You!