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The world is all about innovation and uniqueness. In today’s competitive world, these two qualities make you stand out. While people mostly look at books as reading materials, they have much more utility and value. Books play a vital role in the entertainment industry as well as several movies are adapted from books. Find out more about this process of making a book into a movie offered by MindStir Media. 

About MindStir Media

Started by J.J. Hebert, MindStir Media is a force to reckon with when it comes to book publishing. It has been able to create a huge marketplace for itself & today, it has a vast network of sellers worldwide. MindStir Media founder, J.J. Hebert is a leading author. He has even featured on the list of Amazon’s bestselling authors several times. MindStir Media works with online vendors, retailers, distributors, wholesalers. This ensures a wide reach for one’s work. 

Promoted & endorsed by reputed global icons like Kevin Harrington and David Baldwin, MindStir Media is highly rated and credible. The primary vision of MindStir Media is to provide a quality platform to the young authors. Given the competition that exists worldwide, new entrants find it quite difficult to create a name for themselves. MindStir Media helps them in doing so by providing them the right guidance and expert services. Moreover, MindStir Media provides its clients with personalized attention at extremely affordable prices. Also, MindStir Media allows its clients to retain the intellectual property rights over their work & earn royalties on the same. 

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MindStir Media is also well renowned for providing specialized and customized services. One such service is that of helping turn books into movies. It is an extremely successful venture that is run by the company. Find out more about it in the following segment. 

MindStir Media’s Book to Screen Services

The company provides expert assistance in this segment of making a book into a movie. It includes the involvement of quality evaluators, authors, professionals and experts who determine the viability of a project. MindStir Media provides for a 4-step process to be followed to make a movie from a book. The 4 steps are described hereunder:

Step 1: Coverage Service

This is the step which is primarily responsible for determining the viability of a project of this sort. A professional book to screen manager is appointed by the company for this purpose. Based upon his professional assessment and advice, a decision is made as to whether the said project should be pursued or not. In doing so, the screen entertainment feasibility of a project is determined by evaluating the plot & characters of the story. The entire process comes at a cost $900. 

Step 2: Treatment Writing

This step is initiated only if the project attains approval in the previous step. A project that is considered feasible undergoes treatment writing at a cost of $3200. Here, the screenplay writer is required to prepare logline, plot summary, character description, etc. The said step takes around 7-10 days for books that are upto 400 pages long. 

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Step 3 & 4: Screenplay Creation 

This step costs around $16,000 wherein the screenplay of a movie is written. It is here that a movie actually starts coming into shape as the storyline is given structure. 

Step 4: Pitch Presentation Services

Costing around $1600, this step involves query writing and final submission of the movie’s screenplay. This culminates the 4-step long process of making a book into a movie. 

MindStir Media enables its customers to do all of this with extreme ease at affordable prices.