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Employee scheduling is one of the major concerns for managers across various industries. The lack of an effective employee scheduling app puts pressure on managers to deliver projects on time, while on the other hand, it also impacts employee morale because of misalignment, underutilization, and overutilization. In the absence of an employee scheduling app, managers need to manually handle piles of timetables, calendars, schedules, employee requests, skillsets, availability, etc. on a spreadsheet. In rare cases, it takes days or even weeks to just develop, publish, and edit employee schedules. There are many challenges that project managers face during scheduling that need immediate attention. Hence, to make the scheduling process easier, let’s undertake a few steps:

  • Know your team very well. For effective scheduling, the first and foremost step is to have details about your team in one place, including skill sets, experience, availability, location, certifications, etc.
  • Availability of a unified communication channel: As a project manager, you need to ensure that your employees get a chance to communicate their preferred work hours, preferences, availability, etc. to promote a collaborative environment. All these details can be leveraged by managers to schedule their resources, ensuring 24*7 business services.
  • 360° visibility of real-time scheduling across stakeholders: Project managers need to ensure that the schedules are visible and easily accessible to all required stakeholders across departments.
  • Right mapping of resources: To ensure effective scheduling, you need to identify the right resources and then allocate them to the right projects at the right time.

An effective employee scheduling app like eResourceScheduler offers smart and seamless ways of resource management along with the flexibility to handle your particular needs. 

eRS: Smart Employee Scheduling App for Seamless Scheduling

Let’s deep dive and understand the features:

  • Efficient scheduling using drag and drop: Utilizing resources efficiently is just as important as hiring good resources, and intelligent resource planning and scheduling software play a critical role in this. eResource Scheduler helps organizations effectively manage resources by profiling, identifying, and scheduling qualified resources on the right projects at the right time. You can define a configurable resource form with an option of 100+ customizable fields with different levels of access. The software also provides comprehensive search features for the stakeholders, which in turn results in the seamless creation of scheduling charts with simple drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Intelligent Dashboard: eRS cloud resource planning and scheduling software has a highly configurable and intuitive dashboard that allows detailed information to be accessible on one screen. It provides real-time insight into resource utilization, available resource capacity, the project pipeline, key milestones achieved or missed, etc., and instantly highlights areas that need attention.
  • A unified and centralized view of resources and projects across the enterprise: It maintains a complete list of resources and projects in one place. The availability of profile forms with highly customized fields allows the capture of possible information that can later be used to filter and identify projects and resources quickly. It provides a real-time centralized dashboard of projects and resources that are shared with all stakeholders across the organization based on their access rights.
  • Real-time visibility of actual time spent: The tool enables users to capture actual time spent by users on projects and non-project work. It gives a 360-degree view of what work was performed by whom and when. Using the timesheet module of eRS allows project managers to have a view of planned vs. actual utilization, which in turn helps in identifying gaps and leakages and sending alerts to address the same.
  • Resource Forecasting: Accurate and precise hiring plans can be devised by leveraging the resource forecasting insights feature of the tool.
  • Integration of the Open REST API: You can integrate your HR system, an ERP, or a project management tool by using the Open REST API.

Advantages of eRS – Employee Scheduling App:

  • Timely delivery of projects with optimum resource utilization by doing the right task at the right time with the right resources.
  • Excellent project quality is delivered as resources are efficiently utilized. Their skills are put to the right job, resulting in the best business outcomes.
  • Centralized real-time visibility of resources enables project managers to accurately forecast the demand and then map the resources correctly.
  • Quality delivery of projects on time with fewer resources and reduced project costs.
  • Improved employee work environment and less attrition because of correct scheduling
  • Shared resource pool for project managers across locations, skill sets, experience levels, etc.
  • Automatically collects data on time spent on tasks via timesheet.
  • Reduces overtime via resource utilization reports.
  • Provide a visual layout of the project progress. Color-coded utilization reports make it easy to identify under and over-utilized resources.
  • Easy integration with existing HR, payroll, and ERP systems via APIs. 

The eResource Scheduler is a smart and highly configurable Resource management tool that enables you to have a seamless resource schedule in seconds. Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Then sign up for a personalized free trial today with 24*7 support from our experts.