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Why Emoji’s Are Always In Yellow

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According to the research, in spoken language, words are only used as the part of communication, rest of based on body language and facial expression. Moreover, when it comes to the written communication, text and emails are definitely incomplete to express your point of view, in this emojis and smiley are a great way to share the feelings.

Emoji is taken from the Japanese words “E”, (as in the picture), and “Moji”, (as in character). That means a picture of the character. Sometimes, verbal communication is really not worth it or boring, but the emoji’s, like the logos on Star wars jacket clothing, make it fascinating to use as well as converse.

Have you ever thought that why Emoji are always in yellow? It’s an interesting question from everyone who is using these attractive emoji’s in their daily life to express the feelings of their conversation. Do you know the term Hieroglyph? It is a script in which there is a phrase that expresses the meaning rather than an alphabet. Emoji is inspired by the Hieroglyph that people are using in terms of smiley on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter etc.


Emojis are the real images and symbol that are on your mobile device and can be used on an application. For example:

On the other hand, Emoticons are the expression and face created with the help of the keyboard. It was used before there was an android or iOS. For example:

Shigetaka Kurita is the Japanese man who realized that communication with the help of emojis and smiley is much better than verbal communication.

Let’s get inspired by the study of yellow emoji. Of course, there is not only a single answer to the question, but there are various reasons. All depend on other’s perceptions. Some of the people say that the color emoji matches the skin tone of certain persons, while some of the people say that the laughing and blooming face look much more appropriate. They think that yellow is the color of happiness, and it was also discussed that the laughing face always looks attractive in yellow colors. In addition, the colors of stickers and balloons icon are yellow, which in reality looks charming.

If we just watch the different shades of the emoji, then we will definitely don’t like one because yellow is the only color that gives peace and happiness when it comes to express their feelings.  Here are some of the expressions in a different color that shows why yellow is much more preferred.

Yes, yellow is the only one that will not only look attractive, but seems charming when using while communicating.

You definitely visit online stores, shopping malls, and different markets for our valuable items, but what about emoji? Have you seen the colors of the emoji in the stores that nowadays come in the form of merchandises? Mostly they are in yellow.

So, which one attracts you most?

As emoji’s were limited to the colon and a bracket, but it is used in an advanced form. You will find various smiley faces on WhatsApp andFacebook. It has attracted our new generation, and everyone is using it to show his or her expression of love, anger or happiness. In fact, people are also purchasing the pillow and wall décor related to the print that will enhance the charm of their room.

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