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High Paying IT Skills for Jobs in Bangalore

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Bangalore is a leading IT hub of our country, and some of the best known IT companies and MNCs have their headquarters/offices here. It’s a dream for many young IT professionals to work in this city. There is a huge range of IT jobs in Bangalore, which are lucrative and well-paid and which require specialized IT skills.

High Paying IT Skills Needed for Jobs in Bangalore

IT is a vast subject and carries a wide assortment of multifaceted skills, qualification and proficiency parameters. Premium jobs in Bangalore are associated with some of the IT skills which are widely sought after by the IT companies.  Most employers in present time, be the large MNCs and domestic IT companies or the new start-ups funded by big entrepreneurs, look for IT professionals with some expert skills. We present below the list of popular IT skills essential for jobs in Bangalore:

Data Science

Data science is considered to be one of the hottest IT careers in present time. According to reports, the average salary for a Data Scientist all across the globe is $118,709. Data science includes a spectrum of subjects, right from computer science, machine learning to mathematics and statistics, from data visualization to data mining, including communication, and human behavior. Within those subjects, you will find a number of frameworks, languages, codes and technologies to learn and apply. Data scientist jobs in Bangalore are widely in demand. Most employers look for demonstrated skills but as an eligibility criteria, you need to be a graduate/BTech in Computer Science with additional skills in Data Science.

Big Data

The demand for jobs in Bangalore for candidates with skills or experience in Big Data is increasing. Big Data experts are required in almost all major IT companies. This is an emerging sector and hence in great demand nowadays. There are different Big Data career options like as Data Analysis, Data Transformation, Data Warehousing, and Data Collection. It depends on the aspirant’s interest and skills on where to use his/her Big Data talent. There can be Big Data technology roles like as Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Administrator, which are more into storing and processing Big Data through IT infrastructure. For a Data Analyst profile, the candidates should have the ability to analyze and derive results from big data. The boom in the Big Data industry has made this IT skill as one of hottest IT skills in today’s time.

Advanced Web Development

Web development is a basic IT skill which almost all IT professionals know. Gone are those days where IT skills in HTML, Java or CSS are the basis requirements. Nowadays for lucrative jobs in Bangalore or for that matter in any cities of India, candidates with advanced web development skills are mostly in demand. Advance web development is basically where developers create a website with lot of features/functionalities using Angular Js, Angular 2, nodejs, typescript, react and many more. The more expertise the candidate has, the better is his or her chances of demanding a higher salary from the employers.

Mobile App Development

If you are into mobile app development, this is another most sought after IT skill for jobs in Bangalore. Businesses globally, especially in the US and UK, look for quality mobile apps at affordable cost. India is one of the best known countries in the world with a number of mobile application development companies who can develop superior quality apps. This has led to a rise in the demand for mobile apps developers, who are skilled in JavaScript, Cross-Platform Development (UX/UI design), Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Internet of Things and so on.

To sum up

Bangalore being the home of the top IT companies of the country and globally, there is always the need for candidates who are skilled in these emerging technologies and trends. Such IT skills pave the path for high paying jobs in Bangalore. Thus, employers are desperately looking for the right candidates as there is a huge surge in demand, but comparatively low supply of software professionals. So if you want a prospective IT career with lucrative packages, then master these hot IT skills for jobs in Bangalore.


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