Why MEARTH CYBER is the Wave of the Future Of Transportation

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So much has been said, generally good optimistic reviews from various experts that outweigh random, exaggerated fears, and ignites a promising future for e-scooters in general. Here’s why:

• Electric scooters are lightweight, portable, use minimal storage space

• Electric scooters offer low maintenance cost

• Electric scooters are eco-friendly, yields low acoustic impact

• Electric scooters help solve the first and last-mile problem

• Electric scooters can bypass traffic with ease, reach destination faster

• Electric scooters are cost-efficient, saves on fuel

• Electric scooters offers unhampered freedom and untold health benefits

In fact, there is an increasing demand for micro-mobility devices which indicate that electric scooters are gradually shaping the way people travel daily. Although there still are many consumers that opt to buy a gas-powered car or motorcycle, electric scooters are actually reinventing e-vehicles by offering practicality, convenience, eco-friendliness, and cost-efficiency. 

What sprung from a laid-back manual kick scooter for children decades past has now evolved and transformed into something even more. Since their introduction, e-scooters everywhere played a visible, indispensable and big role, and has continued to do so, in the evolution of the transportation industry. 

On point, why are adult electric scooters hailed as the future of transportation? More significantly, why is MEARTH CYBER, a state-of-the-art and leading edge, powerful electric scooter, this year’s breakthrough innovation predicted to be the “wave of the future” – of transportation?

In a recent study, the market size for electric scooters globally is expected to increase at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 12 percent from 2017 to 2026. Over the years, a few electric scooter manufacturers like Mearth, have made major strides in introducing sustainability to the transport sector. 

1. Electric scooters are eco-friendly, yielding low acoustic impact

Climate change is a big factor. The growing concern regarding climate change and its purportedly irreversible impacts on the planet has caused more governments and organizations to push for the use of vehicles that reduce carbon footprint. This is one of the major reasons why electric scooters are recognized as the future of transportation. They bear a positive environmental impact.

As opposed to gas-powered cars and motorcycles, electric scooters do not produce carbon emissions. The futuristic MEARTH CYBER, including the Mearth S Series, RS Series, GTS EVO Series 2023 upgrade are all high performance, superior quality electric scooters for adults variants do not need nor use fuel to run, and as such, they do not release harmful gasses into the air which contribute to environmental pollution. Every time you use an electric scooter, you are contributing your share to zero emission of air pollutants that cause harm to your health and to everyone’s daily lives as well.

Other studies indicate that electric scooters by legitimate makers like Mearth do help to reduce air pollution in highly urbanized cities in other parts of the globe. It was also bared that in Paris, e-scooters helped reduce over 330 tons of CO2 after just a year. That being said, it is indeed likely that electric scooters will continue to be a relevant factor towards a greener future. This scenario makes for a good motivation towards making the shift to e-scooters rather than gas-powered vehicles.

Furthermore, since noise pollution is one of the acute problems of modern urban society, you need to seriously consider that street noise reduces about 30 percent to 40 percent the productivity of people working within a toxic environment. The constant, strident noise grudgingly endured by the motorcyclist affects his concentration and overall mood on the road over time, including their levels of stress, agitation, and aggression. In contrast, the electric scooter almost runs to a purr, with the noise level almost nil.

2. Electric scooters can take on and solve the first and last-mile problem

Arguably one of the top pain points for those who commute is the first and last-mile predicament. What does this mean? From the beginning or towards the end of a trip that a commuter makes by public transportation, the distance is very often either too far to walk and too short to ride a taxi.

Mearth S Pro electric scooters to the rescue. They help solve the first and last-mile problem by providing a quick and efficient transport mode. Since e-scooters are lightweight and portable, it is easy for the rider to carry and bring their pmd’s on public buses, trains, and nearby shops. What practical convenience indeed! Electric scooters are ideal for all kinds of people, whether office workers or students.

3. Electric scooters can avoid traffic with ease, helps reach destination faster 

Traffic congestion is a commuter’s problem all over the world. It’s a perennial problem that harass all commuters. Small wonder why many people are now choosing to ride electric scooters. It’s because of the convenience they provide. In many parts of the world, including the Philippines, traffic jams are commonplace, causing tardiness among students and office workers who take the public transport. 

The small-framed bodies of electric scooters allow riders to bypass heavy traffic by accessing side roads, alleys, and be able to take a shortcut, avoiding already choked up main thoroughfares. Less stress, more ease. Why endure hours of getting stuck in standstill traffic when you can easily zip through the jam packed roads riding an electric scooter?

4. Electric scooters are cost-efficient, saves on fuel cost, and more

Call it by any other name, it’s still the same. Gas, petrol or fuel-powered vehicles are a familiar transportation mode. But the high costs from the initial retail price, not to mention maintenance constrain most commuters as their budget may not be enough to maintain a vehicle’s regular upkeep, especially with the rising cost of fuel. 

Electric scooters simply need to be charged. Now, you’ll find buying an electric scooter more ideal. Fuel savings cannot be emphasized enough – there is no need to ‘gas up’ if you opt to get and ride an electric scooter. 

Charging this personal micro-mobile device (pmd) takes just a few hours but will sustain your travel from one point to another, with ease and comfort. A fully charged battery installed in your electric scooter will take you to your destination swiftly, smoothly. No sweat! And if you want to go further, having an extra hot, swappable battery from Mearth that’s also fully charged can extend your travel goals in the suburbs or in a nearby city without getting stranded. Ergo, you get to enjoy longer trips while enjoying considerable savings by not using fuel. 

5. Electric scooters are lightweight, portable and only use minimal storage space

The Mearth S entry-level commuter electric scooters weigh only 12.5 kg and can be easily folded. They are lightweight, compact, and portable. They can be brought anywhere, even inside the office and placed under the desk. This benefit can easily save you on parking fees. It’s good value for your money. If you live in a small condominium or a studio-type unit, an electric scooter can easily fit under your table, cabinet, or in a small corner. It’s a space saver. You don’t need to save up more money to build a garage. As urban cities become more congested, more people will value space. Mearth’s reliable, sturdy, high quality electric scooters can help you solve this problem in your city.

6. Electric scooters offer low maintenance cost 

Guaranteed, lower maintenance cost of your electric scooter to almost nil, or insignificant. Unlike petrol-powered vehicles that need periodical or scheduled maintenance such as oil changes, filters, etc. which cost a lot when it comes down to fees, labor and parts, not so with an electric scooter. These electric scooters for adults are easy to maintain. All it takes is regular, careful cleaning that will help to lengthen the lifespan of your electric scooter.  

7. Electric scooters offers unhampered freedom and untold health benefits

As a mood enhancer, are you aware that cruising, breezing, and coasting through are some of the most pleasurable sensations experienced by the human brain? Experiencing the freedom to go on your daily commute in the wide, open space, taking in the fresh air, sometimes the gentle breeze touching your face does help reduce stress and inexplicable joy. Many of those who take their rides on a scooter have shared that their cheerfulness levels increased as they got to see and appreciate the scenery. It does show on their glowing faces.

Another good thing that riding a high-quality electric scooter is that it pushes you to be more conscious of developing good posture. Riding around in an upright position, you will eventually notice that you stand straighter during the entire day.

How would you improve your body balance and movement? Choosing to move around on your electric scooter is not only about comfort but also about the benefits it gives your body, mind, and even your wallet. Body balance is much more than just being able to stand upright and not wobble if you are pushed. You are able to move better, being able to carry out chores and tasks in your day-to-day life. 

While riding an electric scooter isn’t a replacement for a workout, it will help you burn calories even if it doesn’t yield a high-intensity workout. Just standing throughout the ride helps you burn more calories – a whole lot more than if you were just sitting in a car or bus. What’s also good is that you use your muscles – from the legs up to the arms to be able to stay upright. 

The Key Takeaway

The technological breakthrough that is MEARTH CYBER, this decade’s state-of-the-art, ground-breaking, electric scooter engineering innovation is undoubtedly going to be the wave of the future — of transportation. No buts, no ifs. Because it’s not just any new electric scooter model. 

All the practical benefits highlighted are but icing on its powerful, leading edge features: heavy-duty, hardwearing, tough and robust, unmatched off-road and all-terrain capability, with built in advanced program for enhanced riding experience. Built with a rated 3200W brushless HUB dual motor with a peak power of 4000W, the Mearth Cyber gives consumers great value for their money as it yields very powerful, tougher and sturdy performance especially on the roughest roads.

Another unique and outstanding feature of the MEARTH CYBER is it’s enhanced and protected fail-safe Anti-Theft System that allows the owner/rider to set up a personal password that responds only at owner/rider’s command, thereby assuring rock-solid security and safety against robbers’ attempts. In addition, the built-in 60V 26Ah battery comes with 4A Fast Charge Technology. So the rider gets 30 percent up to 80 percent charge in just 1 hour. Now, these are but a few of the beyond-the-extraordinary features that sets Mearth Cyber apart from the commonplace. And there’s so much more… 

So, is MEARTH CYBER the wave of future transport? You better believe it is. And that future is now.