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WordPress VS Blogger which one is better?


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Have you ever noticed people use WordPress instead of free blogging services? If you have also the same question in your mind that “which one is really better” then this post is going to help you. I will show you the comparison between WordPress vs. Blogger. So you can easily decide which one is better for you.
There are so many facts to compare between WordPress and Blogger. Let’s know the most important facts about them.


Blogger: Blogger is a reliable blogging service, the tech giant Google is the provider of the service. Blogging is ready attractive and easy to use but you it is not owned by you. So the biggest disadvantages of Blogging is Google can shut down the owner’s access to it at any time.
WordPress: For hosting a site one can use a WordPress hosting provider with WordPress. Happy to know that the owner gets full control and owns all the data. So one can use WordPress smoothly and freely. One can run them as long as they want. Besides, one can have control over the information he shares with any third-party software.
So WordPress is more flexible for a user.

Features compatibility

Blogger: Blogger is a cool service but the features are limited in it. Though most of the necessary features are included with Blogger, you may feel the lack of many fancy features. Another negative side of Blogger is you can’t extend your features and include from outside.
WordPress: When you are talking about features, no question should arise. There are thousands of WordPress features for the users. Besides, it is an open source software. That means you can include necessary features if you wish. So one can happily run a website with WordPress.

If you compare WordPress and Blogger in this sector then WordPress is clearly ahead. If you are looking for a long-term business website then I suggest you select WordPress.


Blogger: A matter of sorrow that blogger provides a little number of official templates. There are also some non-official themes but most of them are non-professional and low quality. Besides, you can’t manage most of the things of the theme. Colour and layouts can be modified with their built-in tools. But the themes are easy to use.
WordPress: What kinds of templates you are looking for? WordPress is providing lots of free and paid themes. You also have the option that you can create your own theme by yourself or having a developer.
There are also lots of theme options and it is very easy to customize everything. Overall it is easy to give a professional look to your website using WordPress themes. If you want to know some best wordpress themes around the web then you can check out GoodlyWP they listed on their website most popular and useful WordPress themes and they update their blog regularly.

WordPress beats Blogger in the section of themes. WordPress will help you more to make a unique and creative website.

Moving risk

Blogger: When you are using Blogger it is really a complex task to move your site to a different platform. The main risk of it can be the SEO dropping risk. You can lose your search engine ranking and you may have to recover those working months after months. The other risks are that you can also lose subscribers and followers.
WordPress: It is easy to move your site to another platform using WordPress. Not only this but also one can easily change the domain name, or move his site to other CMS without facing any trouble. SEO advantage is also great on WordPress.

So considering them WordPress is safer than Blogger.


Blogger: Blogger is providing limited support to the users. If you face any problem with your site then you may have to count a big time or do lots of processes to get the proper solution. Basic documentation and a user’s forum are their two supporting options.
WordPress:WordPress is providing the premium support to the users. With their awesome online documentation, you will get proper suggestions. Besides, there is a community forum and IRC chatrooms. You can get the help of professional developers from IRC chatrooms.

So it is more secure to use WordPress as their support is better than Blogger.


Blogger: The users of Blogger have no worries about security. They get the advantage of Google’s robust secure platform. They don’t have to worry about backup, managing server resources or securing the blog.

WordPress: You have to be careful about your security and backup if you are using WordPress. As it is a self-hosted solution, so you need to manage all securing subjects. But the thing brings a smile of the face of the user is, they are providing some plugins that make it easier to keep their site secure.
So in the platform of security Blogger is completely better than WordPress.


Blogger: For a very long time Blogger hasn’t provided any major update. Besides it is controlled by Google. A matter of sorrow that Google has killed some of the greatest services such as Google Reader, Google Adsense for feeds and others. Another thing to worry about Blogger that Google can shut down them whenever they want.

WordPress: WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world as they are continuously developing their system. Besides it is an open source service. So you have no worries about the update and maintenance. Many renowned business companies are also depended on WordPress, so the future of WordPress is also brighter than Blogger.


I have explained some major points about WordPress and Blogger. Considering everything fact I can say Blogger beats WordPress in only one sector security. The other sectors are in favor of WordPress. Personally, I also love their thousands of free WordPress theme on their official website and most of them are highly professional stylish WordPress themes

Another thing to keep in mind that WordPress is currently getting more developed. So in the future, it must be the easiest and the most flexible CMS for everything. Even at present it is the most popular CMS in the world.
So considering everything I can say WordPress is undoubtedly far better than Blogger.

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