Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Magento eCommerce Store

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In today’s time, the adoption of artificial intelligence applications is pretty evident in the retail industry for performing different internal business operations like supply chain management, customer intelligence, and others. Amazon or Apple are the best examples to experience these phenomena in our daily life interactions with these popular brands. Now, today’s time must use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Magento eCommerce store.

It’s definitive we are heading towards a new era with the involvement of these ever-evolving AI-powered tools and techniques in the global retail industry. And it is apparent with the inclination of several Fortune 500 retail companies towards AI adoption that helps in maintaining equilibrium with the marketplace dynamics. Some are going with voice commerce while others are believing in supply chain upgrades for better positioning in future retail. 

Statistics Advocates Global Marketplace for Artificial Intelligence

  • Chatbots save USD 8 billion per annum.
  • Almost 80% of emerging technologies are rooted in artificial intelligence.
  • By 2025, the AI market is likely to accumulate USD 190 billion.
  • In the US alone, AI salesforce count for self-service is one million. 
  • 37% of world organizations have already used AI in any form. 

These stats clearly showcase how AI is growing with passing time and availing the global retail industry with its extended use. We are in 2020 and AI-based solutions have already rooted in the global retail industry still there are huge possibilities that it will grow higher in the coming future. 

To pace up with the ongoing AI trends in the retail industry, we can only get an idea from some real-world AI applications that have already proved their business value and implement it to grow our retail business. 

AI Intervention in Magento eCommerce Retail:

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, retailers choose for their online business. The platform is serving different industries thanks to its cutting-edge features, technology involved, and scalability.

If the scope of artificial intelligence in Magento 2 is considered, it’s really huge. It ranges from customer service to payments, to advertisement, to deciding the future business strategies. AI applications can be implemented in any area of Magento eCommerce   retail stores. 

Generally, every eCommerce setup consists of two phases: operations and consumption. And each phase has its own significance in business success. In this article, we will discuss both the phases along with AI applications. So let’s have a look. 

Operations: AI applications for Magento Retailers:

Every Magneto eCommerce retail business has four business operations like marketing, order logistics & fulfillment, shopping, and inventory management. These are the factors that define the success of your business. They require a seamless flow of the process. Once you are done with setting up a Magento store, you need to promote it and proceed with monitoring. 

In the later section, we are going to showcase some real-time use cases for AI applications in the Magento eCommerce retail store. 

Automated inventory management: 

Inventory management can turn out to be a challenging task for a large Magento eCommerce store. You need to manage the warehouse, monitor inventory, and set up a smooth flow of products or items. To perform all these tasks, if the business owner chooses to use a traditional way of keeping records manually, not only the maintenance cost will increase but also the size of record-keeping books will grow insanely. 

Inventory management is not about just storing and delivering the products but also it helps in keeping good care of demand predictions as well as planning and modeling of the products. AI-based tools and techniques can turn out as a game-changer here in the management of Magento stores whether small or large.  

In addition to this, one can use AI’s ability to store, analyze, and offer useful insights on customer buying behavior for considering different aspects affecting the demand. In terms of products and user preferences, AI is capable of providing analysis over 50 elements that can support a successful stocking, planning, and scheduling of product deliveries. Not even this, its automated product restocking feature avails an increase in delivering efficiency. 


Marketing or advertisement is one of the major factors that play a vital role in the success of your business, whether offline or online. In the case of eCommerce, Artificial Intelligence and automation enable personalized marketing and make use of chatbots as sales agents. 

The technology meets automated and personalized marketing standards through the reduction in time-consuming tasks like collecting user feedback, reading and analyzing, etc. Additionally, the AI gives you the power of predictive analytics using which you can predict customer behavior and apply the best possible marketing model for desired outcomes.

It is possible to reach the next level of marketing and it can only be achieved with the development of AI-powered software that can offer marketing optimization in Magento eCommerce. 

Consumption: AI applications for users

In eCommerce, wherever the involvement of the user and its actions are expected falls into the consumption phase. For a better understanding, if a visitor lands on your Magento store, the web design and content he goes through during his visit to the store is a consumption element. Similarly, his actions meantime also fall in the consumption category. 

Given below are some of the examples of consumption areas. Where use of AI-solutions can turn out to be fruitful for your eCommerce business. 

Product try-ons: 

It is one of the AI prowess that completely ends up the difference between the online stores and the physical storefronts by providing the facility of virtually checking out how the try-on products will look in real-time. 

‘Lenskart’ is one of the best examples of a retail brand that received huge success and generated volume with 3D try-on, an AI-based solution. If you also deal with a product line that needs to be tried and tested before purchase, you can go with the development of an AI-based application for your Magento store. It will allow your customers to try-on products before purchase. 

Customer assistance: 

In this digital era, proactive customer service is one of the major factors that not only decides the success of your business but also gives an edge over your competition. And the use of AI-based tools like chatbots has brought the customer experience to the next level. It helps consumers with automation in multiple responses while communicating with them. And it became possible with the concepts behind like NLP and ML that enables systems to find out accurate answers to users queries

The use of AI applications in Magento develops a hybrid customer service environment that makes it easier to handle tasks associated with customer assistance. 

Amazon’s chatbot is a perfect example of customer assistance using AI technology. It not only chats with the customers but also provides product suggestions based on their past purchases and a lot more. 

Such ability to answer consumers’ queries instantly and product suggestions, benefits your Magento eCommerce business with increased customer engagement. As customers appreciate an instant response in lieu of customer service perceptive and 24×7 assistance is a plus. 

Overall, the availability of such intelligence systems for customer service ends up customers’ need of looking here and there for different activities. 

Thus, the integration of AI-chatbots is beneficial in Magento and you can do so with the help of experienced Magento developers. Also, you can customize your chatbots to perform activities that you want. 

Shopping recommendation: 

It has been noticed that several times visitors lose their interest within a few minutes when they do not find any products/services relevant to their choice on your website. But several retailers bombard all of their consumers with product recommendations relevant to their preferences. 

And if go by the several pieces of research conducted from different agencies, the fact came out that engaging user experience and personal recommendations have high chances of customer retention. 

Artificial intelligence is the one-stop solution that avails retailers provide necessities like relevant product recommendations and engaging user experience to enhance user engagement and customer retention. 

Product search: 

Product search is a perfect sales tool for any Magneto store. It allows access to products/services from a visitor or an existing customer. If any improvement is made to this area of consumption, it can do wonders. 

With AI, you can develop your own visual recognition model that enables ease of fulfilling customer requirements while they search for any product or service on your Magento store. Amazon and Google are the best examples that are utilizing similar AI advancements and enjoying success over their competitors. 

Any retail business whether a large Magento enterprise or SMEs/startups can implement this methodology.

With a visual product search, it became easier to tag, organize, and search content automatically on your Magento store. Thanks to the labeling feature of images and videos. 

There is no doubt in saying that all these above-mentioned AI-advancements are highly prone to do wonders for your online retail business. 

It is just the beginning, artificial intelligence has a bright future. The best is yet to come. So all we can do is wait and keep an eye on the current AI-trends. 


Artificial Intelligence has completely changed the way of online retailing. And the credit goes to AI-driven tools and software which enables next-level data processing and provides profound business insights. 

Within the last few years, the implementation of AI applications in the retail industry has increased surprisingly. And the retails giants like Amazon and others are getting benefited from it for increased sales and revenue. 

If you are one of those who want to expand their online retail business, you can go for AI integrated Magento development. Since it will take your online business to the next level. Content contributed by Megri.com